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HOUSE RULES - aka member savoir-vivre ;)

White Bull CrossFit 10 de abril de 2024, 11:20

Hi WB fam,

Just a quick one, we all aspire to a thriving, responsible, self-aware and respectiful community, aight! ;)

Just a few groundrules to make sure of that:

- We know it might not seem obvious but we do have two colour bins... blue one in the entrance and black one in the box (if it's really an issue we can always switch that). We know it might seem thrivial or pointless but we do aspire to be an environmentally/sustainable focused box and please do try to put all plastic bottles/pmc etc. in the blue bin and normal waste in the black one (same goes for the dressing rooms, please only normal waste in the black bins);

- On that subject, if at all possible, we do encourage you to bring reusable bottles/shakers/cups, that's also the point of the water provider/fountain at the desk;

- Following up on the above, we will still have paper cups but they are there as a last resort solution should you not have a water bottle with you to fill-up and of course to be used for your delicious and necessary caffeine boost if you don't have your reusable cups. More importantly this is to avoid using 2 or 3 cups per session/day per person... Let's do our bit for ourselves, others, the environment (:p)

- Showers: please do be mindful of others that come after you, who probably would like to avoid stepping in an ocean of water and a drenched mat. Sure the mats are there for comfort but only makes sense if they're used appropriately, I'm sure everyone has the skill to dry themselves in the shower before stepping out completely soaked ;)

- Toilets: please do also be careful when you wash your hands/use the sink, we know the tap and sink are not ideal but let's try to avoid making a puddle and muddying the floor too much.

- Hairdryer - we had bought new ones and had one in each dressing room but it seems the one from the men's dressing room dissapeared. Just in case it was borrowed, if possible to put it back in place. We'd like to avoid having to buy one every 2 months...

Last but not least, REJOICE, our vending machine is finally fully operational and you can purchase your favourite snack, drink,... with a swipe of you card/phone. Whoop whoop :D

Much love!

Your WB coaches

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Nutrition Seminar - Saturday 20th April

White Bull CrossFit 28 de marzo de 2024, 11:15

WB Fam! 

Don't miss it!

Our first Nutrition Seminar is approaching and it's open to all including guests/external people for a small fee so if you know a friend, a colleague or a family member who might be interested or might learn from it! Let them know! 🤗

Saturday 20 April, 13h15, brought to you live from our box and led by our very own coach Boris.

Free for our unlimited members,  5€ for our limited members and 15€ for guests.

Join us for engaging, potentially life-changing content and some delicious (healthy) snacks.

Interested? Register via the resawod app, reservations are compulsary so we have an idea of numbers! Thank you!

Much love! Yours truly

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