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ALERT - Water issue tomorrow (20/06)

White Bull CrossFit June 19, 2024 at 12:47 PM

Hey y'all,

Bad news comes in 3s. So sorry, it seems like there will be another (or actual as it didn't happen last time) water cut tomorrow (thursday) in the building.

No showers (potentially), I repeat, NO SHOWERS all day Thursday.

Thank you for your understanding.

Much love.



Stamina order

White Bull CrossFit June 18, 2024 at 10:29 AM

Hey fam,

We are about to order some Stamina gear (the hand grips you've been trying at the desk).

Thanks to those who have already let us know what they'd like. For anyone else, if you would like to place an order with us, let us know before Friday! :)

Full catalog here (reminder: you get 10% discount through us and free shipping)

Thanks! Yours truly,



Summer party - 29 June rules and guidelines

White Bull CrossFit June 13, 2024 at 6:47 PM

Summer party - 29 June


    We will start the day around the usual time. The idea is to put the various international backgrounds of our members forward and have ourselves a “WB mini summer olympics” CrossFit style (take that Paris).

    We will keep 2 slots for normal wods (for people who don’t (WHAT?) want to particularly take part in the event (shame… shame… shame…)

    For the cool people, ie all of you, we’ll have 3 moments in the day:

    Part 1 (10h15 – 11h45)Quizz & Trivia (a mix of EU, Crossfit and general knowledge themed questions). – in the lobby

    - Part 2 (12h-13h30)Fun games and challenges (precision throws, etc.) – in the box and outside

    - Part 3 (14h-15h)Crossfit/fitness tests and workouts (max reps, time, team wod etc.) – in the box

      We’ll have a self-service table with snacks (yoghurt/porridge bowls with fruit and dried fruit/seeds, etc.)


      - Create a team of 4 with members from similar country or if not enough to create a team of 4, pick people with something in common/similarity (eg we can have South american or latino/a team(s), scandinavian team(s), belgian, spanish, italian, portuguese team(s), GB team, commonwealth, pacific, athlantic, you name it ;)

      - Register as a team on the sheet we’ll put on the box door (and on the app individually so we have an idea of numbers)

      - Of course you can register a team of 2 or 3, it just means you’ll be at a slight disadvantage… or will you?

      - ATTENTION: you cannot/will not be able to register for one of the “normal Saturday wod” slots AND a day event slot otherwise it’ll be chaos and we won’t know how to organise things properly


        - Start around 10h

        - Day events 10h15 – 15hish

        - After 15h – we’ll hang our crossfit jerseys/shoes and let you live, get the booze out (bring your preferred drink of mass destruction) we’ll be at the box, chilling, feel free to hang around, have fun together, play games, order food in the evening personally and get drunk to your heart’s content if you feel like it ;)


          No obligation but if you feel like bringing a national/country/continent/common trait snack or dish to add to the buffet, please do feel free to do so for extra team bonus points

            *And for those who haven't seen the newsletter (yet), follow-up to our survey below:

            Satisfaction survey – thank you to all of you who took some time to let us know your thoughts. We hear you loud and clear. Here is a link to our video response and a link to an audio mp3 response attempt at some of your comments :)


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