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Route de Sauverny 3, VERSOIX 1290, Switzerland



Health & Mobility 26 de julio de 2023, 13:01

Dear Athletes

Following several last minute disappointments, it is important to me to remind you of these few rules so that everyone can follow their training with complete peace of mind.

I would be grateful if you would carefully read this document, which you have all already signed.

I look forward to meeting you for our next sessions.


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Health & Mobility 18 de julio de 2023, 22:46
Dear Athletes, the studio will close its doors the week of July 24th to 30th. I would take a week off to enjoy my family.

The week of 31 to 4 classes will only take place on the end of day slots from 5:45 p.m. to 6:45 p.m. 
so be ready to book in advance.

I am grateful to you in advance for your understanding.

Regards. Eric
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Route de Sauverny 3, VERSOIX 1290, Switzerland
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